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Akashic Records Reading

I can help you find the answers by accessing the library of your SOUL.

Descripción del servicio

Have you ever wondered why the same pattern keeps showing up in your life? Are you tired of being stuck without financial peace, without a career you love, without an authentic loving relationship, without something you really desire? And you want to move forward in life, but you are not sure how to begin. I can help you find the answers. The Akashic records are an etheric storing place for the entire history of your soul. They record each life time, your thoughts, words, deeds, lessons, and life purpose - all energetically. You can access these records or you can have someone, like myself, access them and provide you the guidance. Your soul knows you the best. It knows exactly what you are going through and why you did what you did. Your soul loves you so much and that is why it picked you. The Universal Light Beings that your soul works with in the Records know exactly the information that is most beneficial for you to receive at any given time and communicate it to you.  I share what I see, sense, and hear with you as you ask your questions. After having your written authorization, I will open your akashic records to answer the questions you have prepared. Important recommendations: Accessing the Records answers questions only about you and no one else. The Akashic Records is NOT a tool for prediction. Questions about any kind of prediction or timing will not be answered. Your Records’ goal is to help you grow and become a better person. Therefore, the Records do not tell you what to do. Nor do they make decisions for you. Instead, they provide you with insights and it is up to you to decide what to do. Questions will be addressed one at a time to ensure the clarity of information. Depending on the depth and scope of a question, each session can cover between two to SEVEN QUESTIONS. Therefore, make sure you ask your most important question first. Please write down, for yourself, questions you want to explore in your Akashic Records ahead of time to get the most of your session. As an experienced life coach, I am open to share much more than the information provided. With this I help you figure out what to do next. It’s a powerful dynamic and very helpful process.

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